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Maturing Mortgages


Mortgage Maturing?

Start Shopping Early

If you are a homeowner and have a mortgage maturing, it is best to prepare early, at least 4-6 months before your renewal date. By reviewing your options as early as possible, you could save thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage!

Did You Know?

You Have Options

A large percentage of borrowers sign the mortgage renewal provided by the current lender and return it without looking at the rate or taking the time to review currently available options. 

Lenders will either reach out by phone or a written renewal notice shortly before the renewal date, which in most cases does not leave much time to shop the market. By tracking your renewal date and reviewing options early, Your Mortgage Professionals team will shop out today’s best rates and provide options based on your current needs.

Being a homeowner with a mortgage is typically your most significant expense. Our goal is to find you the solution that fits your current situation and your current financial needs. Shopping around could save you a substantial dollar amount over the course of the term selected and the life of the mortgage.

Key Take-Away

Tailored Experience

Don't Accept The First Offer

Don’t be the one to sign a renewal and send it back without checking out options first! The steps below will ensure results:

  • Track your mortgage renewal as part of your budgeting
  • Six months prior to renewal, connect with your Your Mortgage Professionals team to review options
  • Choose an option that best suits your needs, and Your Mortgage Professionals will do the rest.