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Renovations Are Within Reach

Do you love your home and the area where you live? Does the cost of selling your home and moving to a new neighbourhood overwhelm you? If you ultimately enjoy your house but could benefit from some updated features or finishes, consider staying in your home while completing some updates by giving it a refresh!

You Have Options

Refinance And Start Your Renovation Project 

By increasing your existing mortgage and adding the cost of your upgrades/renovations, you can keep one monthly payment at the best interest rates possible. Or, by taking out a secured line of credit on your home and leaving your existing mortgage intact, it is possible to fund the renovations and pay them down separately. Once paid down or paid completely, these funds become available for your next project.

Your Mortgage Professionals can help you navigate through available products and provide the best solution in just a few easy steps.  

  • Step 1 – Reach out to Your Mortgage Professionals team for expert opinion and advice!
  • Step 2 – Review financing options and determine if the available funds will cover your desired renovations.
  • Step 3 – Apply and get approved at the best rates available.
  • Step 4 – Once approved, you can start planning and scheduling the upgrades.

Key Take-Away

Tailored Experience

You Can Do This

If you have been in your home for several years, there may be equity in your home that you can use to finance your renovation(s). We can provide expert advice and answer any questions about the best decisions for your situation.