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First-Time Home Buyers


Welcome to Homeownership

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What an exciting time and experience! A new team of professionals will be working on your behalf; a mortgage broker, a realtor, a lawyer and an appraiser.

These professionals become part of your homeownership journey from the beginning and educate you through your financing experience with steps that will help you reach your end goal.

What’s Next?

The following actions will help educate you and prepare:

  1. Meet with the mortgage agent/broker first – Get educated on the entire process from the pre-approval application through closing, along with what steps to follow from onset to finish. A broker will source out any incentives currently being offered by the government.


  2. Understand your finances – Understanding your current financial situation and affordability is critical. Have an application prepared by your mortgage agent/broker to know how much you can afford and budget. A full review of your credit bureau will help your mortgage agent/broker ensure there are no unexpected or undisclosed debts.


  3. Continue to save – While working through this journey with the broker, continue to save. You will have more towards your down payment or have some additional funds in reserve for any expenses down the road.


  4. Do not access any new credit facilities – Any new credit inquiries or loans (including other mortgage lenders) will impact your pre-approval and may cause profound implications before closing.

Key Take-Away

Tailored Experience

We Work For You!

By coordinating with the chosen realtor, the lender, the appraiser, and the lawyers, your mortgage agent/broker will help streamline the process for you, with all parties involved working towards your goal.